Business View Magazine | December 2018

44 45 sist in providing alternatives that might result in lower insurance premiums for our member companies,we’re happy to do that. So, that is currently under study. “Something else we’ve done differently this year is allowed plants to provide proposals to NADCA for research and development projects.Most of the R&D projects we’ve conducted in the past have come through our technical committees or from outside funding sources like the Dept. of Energy and Dept. of Defense.NADCA, being a non-profit organiza- tion, tries to garner as much federal or outside support for R&D as it can. Currently, the Dept. of Defense provides the largest funding source for our research projects.NADCA has some funds, as well, that it uses for its own projects. “A lot of companies with very talented and intelligent individuals may not be able to participate in our commit- tees routinely but might have ideas for conducting research projects. So, it’s a way to try to get more participation from industry, and ideas on what’s important to plants to resolve NACDA certain issues or continue to advance specific tech- nologies in the overall die casting process.” BVM: Howwould you sum up the importance of NADCA to the die casting industry? Udvardy: “We’re here to help the industry and act as its voice in NorthAmerica.NADCAoffers awide varietyof products and services that not all our mem- bers and non-members are fullyaware of,so,we’d like to encourage the industry to lookat getting the full benefit of what theirAssociation has to provide. “A companymay be a corporate member because they intend to take a lot of NADCA courses and want to get the best discount they can.They’re aware of education and training, but because they’ve got that specific reason, theymay not understand that we have a very active research and development program.We have a strategic plan and road map for R&D that’s published on an annual basis, and any- where from 13 to 16 active research projects at any one time.And theymay not be aware of our voice inWashington.People joinNADCAfor different things, and it’s typicallynot because they’re aware of every- thingwe do.Wewant members to take advantage of all we have to offer.Together,wemake a difference.” We’re here to help the industry and act as its voice in North America. NADCA offers a wide variety of products and services that not all our members and non-members are fully aware of, so, we’d like to encourage the industry to look at getting the full benefit of what their Association has to provide. STEPHEN UDVARDY NADCA PRESIDENT