Business View Magazine | December 2018

4 5 DECEMBER/JANUARY 2018-19 Contents 3 EDITOR’S NOTE 6 OPENING LINES MANUFACTURING VIEW 20 THERMOGENICS BOILERS Intelligent steam 28 NATIONWIDE BOILER, INC. Integrity, dependability, real customer service 38 NORTH AMERICA DIE CASTING ASSOCIATION The voice of the industry 46 AIM AEROSPACE Embracing industry 4.0 54 STAINLESS FOUNDRY & ENGINEERING INC. Finding solutions 60 RETECH SYSTEMS LLC Positive change ahead 68 THE FLEXIBLE PACKAGING ASSOCIATION Connecting, advancing, leading 74 VONCO PRODUCTS LLC Flexibility first BEST PRACTICES IN HEALTH CARE 84 NOVUS MEDICAL DETOX CENTERS Individualized detox solutions 90 ELY-BLOOMENSON COMMUNITY HOSPITAL A community partner 98 XYMOGEN A lot of things happening 106 AUXLY CANNABIS GROUP INC. Growth by diversity 116 WAKUNAGA OF AMERICA Garlic is the key THE BEST IN GENERAL AVIATION 126 FRESNO YOSEMITE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Slow and steady growth 134 DOTHAN REGIONAL AIRPORT A business-friendly environment 142 SALEM MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Getting from A to B 150 YAKIMA AIR TERMINAL The best way to travel 158 THE WATSONVILLE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT For general aviation 166 CRATER LAKE–KLAMATH REGIONAL AIRPORT Military and more 174 HECTOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Reasons to fly Fargo 182 ST. GEORGE REGIONAL AIRPORT In a growth mode 190 CEDAR CITY REGIONAL AIRPORT Realizing the value 198 THE NEW ORLEANS LAKEFRONT AIRPORT A New Orleans tradition 204 ALEXANDRIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT & ENGLAND AIRPARK A historic military airbase transformed ENERGY AND MINING VIEW 214 BIG ELK ENERGY SYSTEMS LLC A proud heritage 222 5 Where energy is made human SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS 234 MERCHANTS MOVING AND STORAGE The professional movers 242 MHX Safe, timely, accurate 248 REDBIRD CARRIERS A legacy of intermodal integrity 254 ENLINX A passion for perfect delivery 260 TRANSPORTATION IMPACT Helping high-volume shippers 266 REEDTMS LOGISTICS Growing with brand integrity CONSTRUCTION VIEW 276 ARCENEAUX WILSON & COLE LLC Local, talented, experienced 284 G FEDALE ROOFING & SIDING It’s all in the name 292 BARBCO INC. Best in boring CITY VIEW 302 MOUNT DORA, FLORIDA Eccentric, innovative, charming 310 HERMISTON, OREGON Where life is sweet 318 COVINGTON, WASHINGTON Growing toward greatness 326 CITY OF RANCHO MIRAGE, CALIFORNIA A resort lifestyle 332 NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA Recapturing glory 340 SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Leveraging its assets 348 LEWES, DELAWARE The first town 356 KENT COUNTY, MARYLAND Agricultural by nature 364 CANBY, OREGON Community with a vision 126 336 46 292