Business View Magazine | December 2018

360 361 Williams: “We are focused on enhancing our current businesses and attracting businesses that offer controlled,sustainable growth such as technol- ogy-based businesses that can use the fiber capacity; data centers,call centers,designers,engineers,consul- tants–types that fall in linewith our comprehensive plan and smart growth strategies. We are also focused on small businesses and fostering entrepreneurship in our community and especially with our youth.” Moredock: “Within the last five years,we’ve seen a lot of expansion of existing businesses.Many are agriculture-related.Willards Agri-Service, a seed grain and fertilizer plant has been steadily growing for years.Also, there’s been approval of a new South- ern States,which is also a fertilizer provider, and Delmarva Feed & Farm Service has been continu- ally growing, as well; so much so, that some of the businesses are growing out of their zoning districts. “The updated Kent County Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2018, has enhanced strategies for flexi- ble growth in our Rte. 301 Corridor–a focused area for large-scale development in the county because of its access to rail and major highways.Work con- tinues with the Town of Millington in that area on infrastructure upgrades and a proposal to upgrade the wastewater treatment facility.Through Smart Growth initiatives and the natural layof the land,57 percent of the county landmass is designated as prime agriculture soil and that area has dictatedwhere the most viable agricultural industries are located and has supported our agricultural zoning. “Through practice and policy, the most intense development is focused on our five incorporated towns, and the county works very closely with them on assisting with services and coordinating project reviews.They also work together to provide services KENT COUNTY, MARYLAND outside town boundaries in designated Priority Funding Areas.The county also provides its own wastewater treatment and water treatment facil- ities in some of our villages.We continue to see a high rate of farm operations that are growing and continue to be viable and participate in agricultural preservation easements.” BVM: Is the county assisting with redevelopment projects in the towns? Moredock: “The county recently completed an annexation project with Chestertown (the County Seat),which allowed one of our major employers to build a newwarehousing facility. Dixon Valve & Coupling Co. is completing the first phase of its growth on property that was recently annexed, so the town can provide water,wastewater, and access to the road network.The Town of Rock Hall has seen a surge in retail over the last fewyears, including a Dollar General. Rock Hall’s maritime-based economy is transitioning to a closer relationship between the boating industry and tourism.Their redevelopment has included a recent adoption of a Waterfront Community Plan, combining a land use plan, a his- toric preservation plan, and a maritime use plan.” Williams: “Chestertown is a designated Maryland