Business View Magazine | December 2018

354 355 Underground Utilities Wastewater & Water Treatment Sitework 612 Mary Street, Dover, DE 19904 P: 302-678-9500 • F: 302-678-9715 Contact Us: PREFERRED VENDORS n SPI Pharma    SPI Pharma develops solutions for pharmaceutical formula- tion marketers and nutritional customers.The company provides antacid actives; directly compressible calcium powders, functional excipients for swallow tablets, chewable tablets, lozenges, and effervescents; ingredients for antacids, laxatives, and nutraceu- ticals; plasticizers for softgel capsules; drug delivery systems; taste-masked actives; and vaccine adjuvants. It also offers drug development and testing services. It markets and sells its products through distributors and agents in North America, Central and South America, Europe,Africa, the Middle East,Asia, and Australia. SPI Pharma, formerly known as SPCABarcroft,was founded in 1964 and is based inWilmington, Delaware. It has locations in Delaware,Michigan, France, and India. SPI Pharma, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Associated British Foods Plc. n Teal Construction, Inc. Council created a committee to look at howwe can encourage landowners to annex property into the city before they develop it.That gives us the oppor- tunity to have a say in how that land is developed. We developed an annexation zone that encourages cluster development to try to preserve some of the open space in the areas adjacent to the wetland and will allow the development to be on smaller lots on more suitable areas of the site.We’re just now start- ing to get some applications for annexation that are following that process. It will be interesting to see how that plays out, but I think that a lot of what we’ve worked on has been appealing to people in terms of trying to balance the environmental side of things with the fact that we’re in an area that is developing very rapidly.” Meanwhile,maintaining and upgrading the city’s current infrastructure is also important.“Our sewer, water, and electric are managed by the Lewes Board of Public works,which has a separate charter under the state, and their Board members are separate- ly elected from our Council,”Townshend explains. Some of the major infrastructure projects include a major sewer line replacement in the downtown, a sewer expansion to accept sewage from the neigh- boring county’s sewer district to be treated in the Lew- es plant,and the extension of sewer to a neighborhood annexed into the City that is currently served byon-site septic systems.In this project,the Board is also upgrad- ing the streets to current standards. Other projects are aimed at helping to keep Lewes’ citizens and tourists safe as they traverse the town on foot and on wheels.“There are a number of re- gional,multi-use paths that the state’s Department of Natural Resources and Department of Transpor- tation have built and that continue to be expanded,” Townshend notes.“That ends up linking Lewes with Rehoboth Beach,which is the beach community LEWES, DELAWARE to the south, on the Atlantic Ocean.A lot of people go back and forth between the two locations on a beautiful day.” “We have the Savannah Road Bicycle Improvement Project,which is on the beach side of Savannah Road, which is the main road in town,” she continues.“We’re going to shift the travel lanes, narrow them slightly, and improve the bicycle amenities on the shoulders. Also, the state is in the process of removing the rail line as it came through town and ended at the State Park.On the beach side of the canal, they’re going to put in a multi-use path that will connect with some of our bicycle and pedestrian improvements in town. The trail along the abandoned rail line is underway and should be open for use by spring.” “That’s not major infrastructure, in terms of roads and sewer and water,”Townshend admits,“but it’s very important to the quality of life and being a healthy community.The median age in Lewes is 66-67, but if you went out and looked at our tennis courts or the bike paths, you would see that it’s a very young 66 or 67. It’s a very active community.” “When I think of Lewes,” says Townshend, in con- clusion,“it comes down to the combination of history, natural beauty, and a very active community.They make Lewes very unique.” PHOTO BY BROOK HEDGE