Business View Magazine | December 2018

278 279 at the founding was for providing land surveying services and general civil engineering services for munic- ipalities, other government entities, private developers, and industrial corporations.” Emerging opportunities have played a major role in the direction and focus of AWC. The company has grown from a staff of five to over thirty, and its capabilities have evolved far beyond normal ‘gener- al-type’ civil engineering. Keestan Cole notes, “We can take projects from start to finish.We do surveying, in-house.We have environmental division, Wild & Associates. We cover a wide range of engineering–water and wastewater treatment, drainage, road construction, pipelines, direc- tional drilling, port/harbor/marine work, airports –we cover a lot of ground for being a small company.” The firm currently operates from a single location in Port Arthur, Texas, with a territory covering a 250-mile radius around the city. For most local and municipal government projects, there are three to five firms in the region, similar in size to AWC, that the company considers its strongest competitors. “From time to time, there are larger projects that require more manpower, perhaps different expertise,” says Arceneaux. “So, in the past, we have joined forces with na- Keestan Cole, Vice President/Partner, brings 11 years of experience to the fore, with specialties in roadways, underground utilities, shore protection, and land development. The firm employs a staff of 32 engineers, sur- veyors, technicians, and administrative personnel, with an experienced project team comprised of specialists in public works, land development, transportation, cost estimating, construction management, and grant administration. State-of- the-art technology, automated plotting, and field equipment are readily available to facilitate the planning and fulfillment of project assignments. AWC is a strong believer that quality is always the result of intelligent direction, skilled execution, and a continuing commitment to excellence. AWC’s engineers hail from the local community and have over 100 years of combined experience in water, wastewater, and structural design. And the surveying team are masters at quickly and accurately bringing tasks to completion, no mat- ter how large or how dirty, using cutting-edge surveying equipment including GNSS/GPS po- sitioning, Robotic imaging, and 3D/High Density Scanning tools. According to Ron Arceneaux, “The firm was founded in 1988 and incorporated in 1991 as Arceneaux & Gates Consulting Engineers. In 2014, the company structure changed, and Keestan Cole, Joe Wilson, and I formed Arceneaux Wilson & Cole. So, we’ve been in continuous practice for about 30 years. Primarily, our marketing direction ARCENEAUXWILSON COLE LLC RON ARCENEAUX JOE WILSON KEESTAN COLE