Business View Magazine | December 2018

240 241 PREFERRED VENDOR n Relocation Mover Services RMS is one of the nation’s leading third party service providers. Whether your move is around the corner or across the continent, no service is too large and no detail too small. From appliance service and custom crating, to fur- niture, fitness equipment and technology assembly or a complete household setup with cleaning and closet organization – every project is tracked and monitored by our customer service coordinators from inception to completion them navigate through the medical system and having the best resources available to them.We have a nurse that comes to our facility, part-time, to help with the challenges, and we have really seen a change in our work injury frequencies and the severity.” Another way to focus on what the company does best is to get out of the trucking “business.” “We’re doing long-term tractor leases through Penske, and allowing them to take over the main- tenance, and that’s been a helpful game-changer here,” she states. “It’s allowed us to update our equipment and to know we don’t have to be the experts in that. If we have breakdowns on the road, they take care of that; they’re able to cover and handle that, and get us back on the road as fast as they can. It’s been a couple of years and it’s been a real good partnership for us.” What’s on the horizon for this legacy moving company? “With Foxconn (the multinational elec- tronics contract manufacturing company) coming to this area, there will be 10,000-plus new jobs,” Eastman exclaims, “so it will be an exciting time to be positioned here in this part of the country.” MERCHANTS MOVING AND STORAGE