Business View Magazine Dec-Jan 2018/19

226 227 but we tend to target people who might spend from $200,000 to $30 million a year - from quick- serve restaurant chains to someone likeXerox,very large national manufacturers,commercial real estate, schools,towns,cities; it doesn’t matter the type of cus- tomer,it just matters if they have a need we can fill. “We have roughly 30 full-time employees, but through strategic partnerships and referring part- ners there’s closer to 60 people on this team, serving as almost a distribution channel so we can deliver our services.We’re headquartered in Irving,Texas and have remote employees working fromManhat- tan to Mexico City and scattered in between, pre- dominately in the northeast, New Jersey, NewYork, D.C., and all through Texas; plus, full-time employ- ees in Mexico City helping us run that operation, as we have customers across the entire country of Mexico.We’re ready and willing to go into Canada, © 2018 Constellation Energy Resources, LLC. The offerings described herein are those of Constellation NewEnergy-Gas Division, LLC or Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., affiliates of each other and ultimate subsidiaries of Exelon Corporation. Brand names and product names are trademarks or service marks of their respective holders. All rights reserved. Errors and omissions excepted. Energy made flexible. For two-thirds of the Fortune 100 companies and approximately 2 million customers nationwide, the right supplier is Constellation. Work with us to create customized solutions for your business or customers and find out why we’re considered America’s energy choice ®. Am I working with the right energy supplier? 5 SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE 5 is a fast-growing company with an award-winning culture that includes the following accolades: • #5 Best Company toWork for in Texas,Texas Monthly 2018 • #20 Best Small Workplace in America, Fortune, 2017 • #30 Best Entrepreneurial Company in America, Entrepreneur 2018 • Top 50 Best Workplace in America, Inc.Magazine, 2017, 2018 • Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company List, Inc.Magazine, 2016, 2017, 2018 • #40 on the Aggie 100 Fastest Growing Aggie-Owned Companies, 2017 but do not currently have any clients there.” BVM: Howdo you reach out to potential customers? Schiefelbein: “It’s a mixture of everything you’d expect when it comes to creating a trusting rela- tionship.This is not a world where traditional adver- tising turns into a meaningful connection to pro- spective clients. So,we hire business development reps–energy advisors–who are making cold calls, asking for referrals, servicing a client in one state or region and proving our worth so we can growwith that client into all the different areas they operate. “We use a series of referral partners, but we also end up in some really neat operations where there are strategic relationships. For example: JLL (the renowned global commercial real estate and invest- ment group) uses 5 as a preferred vendor. So,most clients JLL is serving on an enterprise level get into a conversation about howwe can bring our services to those clients.And there are folks in a similar role as us,maybe other energy brokers who lack the ex- pertise to handle the large,more sophisticated clients. Maybe they’re strong in a place likeManhattan,but when it comes to reallydeep analytics for their clients, theydon’t have the bandwidth or the knowledge.So, theypartner upwith 5 to deliver that to the people they’re serving.There’s also a decent word-of-mouth component to our business development.” BVM: What gives 5 a competitive advantage? Hayduk: “We feel the depth of our analytical capabilities is far greater than most, but analysis, itself, doesn’t translate into superior advice. It’s the combination of analytics, synthesized and absorbed