Business View Magazine Dec-Jan 2018/19

220 221 but also has to work with the other company. Both have to approve Big Elk as the manufacturer before they can move forward.With a lot of large enti- ties, the approval can take three years or more, but Big Elk is often approved in two to three months because its team is so experienced and has such exemplary industry connections. International expansion is prominent on the firm’s radar for the near future.According to Hager, “As strong as the market is in North America for our manufactured products, the opportunities are orders of magnitude higher in various, key world areas. I’d feel like a failure if we didn’t have a large international win in 2019.That’s going to be a strategic focus for us.We expect our first wins would be in Latin America; we’re chasing a couple projects there that would be life changing for our business.We also have another proprietaryproduct in testing; certainly in the first quarter of 2019,you’ll see another industry revolu- tionizing product launch out of Big Elk.” Looking to the future,Hager says,“We’re still very much in our infancy.We’ve grown tremendouslyand captured a lot of accolades but it’s just the beginning. I have extreme confidencewe can be a $100mil- lion-plus revenue company inside five years.We have all the ingredients for that recipe,it’s just amatter of executing it.We’ve got the strongest team,amazing customer support,and our market is certainly large enough to hit that revenue goal,even before looking at other expansions and opportunities.” The firm is also aware that therewill come a day whenwhat they’re doing nowwill be old technology. “We consider ourselves innovators,”Hager notes,“so wewant to be part of creating the next generation’s technology.There will also be a strong push to- wards renewables. 2018 represents the first year BIG ELK ENERGY SYSTEMS LLC HOT -DI P GALVANIZING SERVICES inClaremore,OK KETTLE ONE 60’ L x 6’ W x 7’6” D 18,500 Weight Capacity KETTLE TWO 58’ L x 7’6” W x 10’ D 30,000 Weight Capacity CORROCOTE DEGLARING/DULLING Contact Us Valmont® Coatings, Oklahoma Galvanizing Facility 25055 Alliance Dr. I Claremore, OK 74019 P: (918) 266-2800 I F: (918) 266-0614 E: I SUPERIOR CORROSION P R O T E C T I O N PREFERRED VENDORS n Big Red Fasteners Founded in 2001, Big Red Fasteners is Oklahoma’s larg- est B7 Stud manufacturer and supplier. Its products include: Machine Screws, Lamalloy Products, Locknuts, Socket Products, Washers, Wood Screws, Decking Screws, Tapping Screws, An- chor Products, Wire Rope & Chain, Pins, Bent & Formed Bolts, Rivets, Thread Cutting Screws, and Thread Rolling Screws. The company’s quick turnarounds, unmatched maintenance services, and same day services make it the most competitive company in the region. n Stellar Plant Services, LLC n Valmont Coatings for the U.S. as a net exporter of natural gas,with the advent of LNG (liquified natural gas),which makes it transportable to other areas.That’s really changing the landscape for energy.With that increasing demand,we’re in a prime spot to serve the market expansion.” “From a team culture perspective, our retention rate is close to 100 percent,”Hager says, in con- clusion.“We do pay well and have great benefits but, in reality,we went through two pay cuts, a staff cut and, as the market was coming up in Tulsa, our entire department was getting recruit- ed by head hunters (that still happens). It really speaks to the culture of the company.Our people stay because they truly believe what we’re doing and what we’re building at Big Elk is very special. Our team is our most valuable asset.” Stellar specializes in providing safe, quality work for oil & gas processing, power generation and chemical plants. Our services cover a wide array of expertise and trades. From small repairs to plant maintenance, new construction, shutdowns and new plant expansions. Having quality work without compromising safety has always been our philosophy. 4457 W 151st St South Kiefer, OK 74041 Office: (918) 321-3330 Cell: (918) 521-0786