Business View Magazine | December 2018

190 191 REALIZINGTHEVALUE Cedar City Regional Airport C edar City Regional Airport, located two miles northwest of Cedar City, in Iron Coun- ty, Utah is a public use facility and is served by scheduled air carriers for passenger carriage and cargo, air charter and air taxi operators, flight schools, crop dusters, and medical transport operators, and is utilized by aircraft owners, oper- ators, pilots, and passengers for their air transpor- tation needs, businesses, and recreational flying activities. The Airport is owned by the Cedar City Corporation and is governed by an Airport Board comprised of volunteers representing the city, county, and community. The Airport is located on flat ground surround- ed by a mixture of different land uses - mainly agricultural, quarries, and industrial. It covers 1,040 acres at an elevation of 5,622 feet, and has two asphalt runways: 2/20 is 8,653 by 150 feet, AT A GLANCE CEDAR CITY REGIONAL AIRPORT WHAT: A public use airport WHERE: Iron County, Utah WEBSITE: and 8/26 is 4,822 by 60 feet. According to Airport Manager, Jeremy Val- gardson, the first airplane came to southern Utah as a concession ride for a fair at Cedar City on September 27, 1920. At that time, air- planes did not need airports - flat alfalfa fields worked just as well. “Then, the airmail service picked up between L.A. and Salt Lake, and the federal government said if we’re going to run