Business View Magazine | December 2018

188 189 is $5 a day, versus $13 a day in Vegas. And it’s a two-hour drive and it’s not a pleasant drive; it’s through the desert. Another problem with go- ing to Vegas is you have to show up at least an hour to two hours early to get through TSA and then get to your gate and all that kind of stuff. So if you’re leaving at 6 o-clock in the morning, that means your leaving you home here at about 3 o-clock, 4 o-clock in the morning just to get down there.” “What we’ve done is we’ve looked at it and what we feel is that because of that growth and the ease of using this Airport, the majority of the people will suffer through the closure and then they will be so happy to come back because of the hardship of what they have to do otherwise,”he adds.“All of my business people, they’ll come back in a heartbeat because of the ease of use and they don’t have to spend four hours on the highway.” Since the Airport’s creation on an unoccupied stretch of desert, a major, divided four-lane high- way has been built from just north of the bor- der with Arizona, past the Airport and on to the Zion National Park area. That has led to housing growth near the Airport, with the potential for commercial development nearby, as well as on St. George Regional’s grounds, says Stehmeier. “We have a large area that will be developed into high-end commercial building and maybe a light-industrial type of thing,” he states. “There have been several plans and several develop- ers that have come over the last four years and 435.673.4677 WWW.JVIATION.COM TAKE FL IGHT WITH A PROUD PARTNER WITH ST. GEORGE REGIONAL AIRPORT PREFERRED VENDORS n Dixie Center, St. George, UT Located in the Southwest corner of Utah, St. George offers an ideal year-round climate and an abundance of recreation. Your Dixie Center event can enjoy an impressive interior with maximum versatility to accommodate 5 to 5,000 people.While the outside holds incredible adventures. Take in Zion National Park, hiking, biking, canyoneering, golf, climbing, water sports, live theater, world-renowned spas, or simply enjoy the awe of the red sand- stone bluffs. Inside, impressive. Outside, incredible. n Jviation ST. GEORGE REGIONAL AIRPORT looked at that, but at this time, they haven’t done anything. I think they’re waiting for continued growth so that it becomes a viable development. It’s in the business plan for the Airport and around the Airport and we will be updating that business plan and the master plan for the airport within the next two years.”