Business View Magazine | December 2018

180 181 customs, and refuel. “We’ve marketed ourselves as that point of entry and customs clearance,” he says. “Combining our services and facilities with a 24-hour tower, 24-hour U.S. Customs services, and a 9,000-foot runway differentiates Fargo from all airports in the region.We can handle any type of aircraft that can land at the airport, and with support from the airport’s ground crew keeping the runways clean and clear year-round and the airport rescue and firefighting team, there is no other airport more capable within our three-state region. The relatively low traffic volume is also attractive to transient operators as it makes for a quick turnaround with less time spent being vec- tored into the airport than you will find at busy airports.We set a record in 2017–nearly 800 aircraft cleared U.S. Customs in Fargo.” Because of its capabilities, including 24/7 air- craft rescue and firefighting, Hector International is identified as a primary alternate for a number of commercial carriers from all over the world as they enter the United States. “The large, heavy HECTOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT PREFERRED VENDORS n TL Stroh Architects & Interiors    TL Stroh is a full-service Architectural and Interior Design firm based in Fargo, North Dakota. Founded in 1990, the firm is com- mitted to fulfilling clients’ needs while developing efficient and innovative design solutions. A 1929 building in Historic Down- town Fargo, renovated by TL Stroh as their office, is a striking example of the company’s signature architectural style.When it comes to planning, construction, consulting, or project manage- ment, satisfied clients praise TL Stroh for their quality service – on time and on budget. n First International Bank & Trust From its humble beginnings in 1910, this community bank has been delivering on its mission of helping dreams come true, one customer at a time. Today, four generations strong, the Stenehjem family continues to lead the company with a focus on long-term customer relationships. n Northstar Aviation Insurance, Inc. aircraft have to have a primary alternate and because of our capabilities, we tend to be that primary alternate,” says Dobberstein. “The carriers have stationed equipment here to support those operations in the event that they have to divert.” Sweeney’s FBO also has an affiliated company called Weather Modification International that is helping to increase the Airport’s usage. “That company, based at our facilities, is the largest cloud seeding company in the world,” Swee- ney states. “And that’s led us into a significant market of specializing in aircraft modifications. We’ve completed a number of aircraft in the past several years, where we’re sending atmo- sphere research, special mission aircraft out to many foreign governments including China, South Korea, and several others. That modifica- tion work is specialized and unique and it’s driv- ing traffic into the Fargo Airport that wouldn’t be there, otherwise.” All airports have long-term plans, and Hector International is no exception. Going forward, its 20-year plan details expansion of its passenger terminal, as well significant investments in gen- eral and corporate aviation facilities. “The military is also investing heavily in infrastructure,” says Dobberstein. “In the spring of 2019, the North Da- kota National Guard will commence the facilities for an operational readiness center that will be in excess of $30 million. So there are lots of things happening.” With all of its civil, business, military, and com- mercial operations in full swing, there are clearly many reasons to “Fly Fargo.” At Northstar Aviation Insurance, our team can handle all your aviation insurance needs, including Aircraft insurance (Private & Corporate), Aerial Applicators, Airport Property & Liability, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Repair & Avionics Facil- ities, Fixed Base Operators and more. Our aviation insurance specialists will provide you with superior customer service and the best available insurance quotes. When it’s time to think about your aviation insurance, send us an email or give us a call at (877) 301-2041. FOR ALL YOUR AVIATION INSURANCE NEEDS Local: (701) 235-2041 Toll Free: (877) 301-2041