Business View Magazine | December 2018

10 11 OPENING LINES RESUME WRITING TIP #2: LOOK FOR THEMES ACROSS YOUR CAREER Finding common themes across your career can help you develop your personal brand. These questions can help you find those themes: What benefit do you add to the company? What key accomplishments or successes have you delivered time and time again? What would you say is unique about yourself and how you do it? What do others see as the value you add? RESUME WRITING TIP #3: CUSTOMIZE YOUR RESUME FOR EACH TYPE OF POSI- TION BY DOING THE FOLLOWING: Use the exact position title at the top of your resume. Include the top three relevant keywords. Choose accomplishments that are vital to the success of the position, industry, and company. In the work history section of your resume, put the most relevant bullet points first. Include any education, credentials, or certifica- tions near the top of the resume. RESUME WRITING TIP #4: HIT ON THE EM- PLOYER’S PAIN POINTS “When I read a resume I’m not just looking to see if the person has the necessary keywords, skills, and credentials. I’m reading the resume and thinking “Can this person meet the needs I have, solve the problems I’m facing, and contribute in a meaningful way?” she said. When the employer reads your resume they should say ‘That’s exactly what I need help with!’ “When I worked for Medtronic as an employ- ment manager it used to take them over a month to find, interview, hire, and train new team mem- bers. I was able to cut that time in half. This in- creased the team’s productivity by 20 percent and saved thousands in lost revenue and time. It also became a theme across my career as I was able to do this in several different positions across varying organizations,” she said. You can see executive resume samples at For comprehensive resume writing tips and guidance, Great Resumes Fast has created a spe- cial report called 131 Resume Writing Tips –The Most Comprehensive List of Resume Writing Tips on the Internet. It covers every single section of a resume from the name at the top to the creden- tials at the bottom offering tips, advice, and how- tos for everything about your resume.