190 191 divisions.“It’s hard to find an automotive company like Harman with branches in other industries,” says Kniest.The company is present both in Rock in Rio as in Rio de Janeiro Carnival, in the high-performance sports headphone, and in a variety of solutions that can also be combined.As a result,Harman’s automotive supplier has a wider scope of business possibilities.“Harman develops products to meet different needs related to the different lifestyles of each user,” says Kniest. In this sense, the company has products for the sports-loving people, such as headphones, Bluetooth boxes, and solutions for cars in the automaker or in the aftermarket. Likewise, there are products and solutions aimed at the audiophile au- dience,which requires superior sound quality.Thus,Harman Brazil develops differ- entiated products and services for smartphones, office, and car through well-known brands such as JBL® and AKG®, among others. Such flexibility of products and services is the result of the dedication of a highly specialized team.“Our team is composed of a diversity of professionals passionate about music, audio, technology and the automotive industry,working in a collabo- rative environment with high synergy,” says Kniest. By integrating a multinational structure,Harman Brazil has personal performance assessment tools,which pro- HARMAN BRAZIL vides a cycle of career enhancements for its employees. Certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14000, the company implements solutions seeking sustainability through structured quality systems,where the envi- ronmental issue is always present.“We are involved in several initiatives with the local community and the Harman Brazil Em- ployees’Association”, reports Kniest.Aware of its social responsibility, the company participates in the Pescar Project, creating opportunities for vulnerable young people by poverty to know the company, to have their first internship,with the possibility of future employment. In the area of ​marketing,Harman Brazil uses different strategies depending on the product and the service.“Social media plays a major role in this regard since users and celebrities spontaneously recommend our products and services,”notes Kniest. The company also leverages its presence in social and vertical networks identified with users of its products and services.“We have many B2B operations in the automotive industry,where we work with the auto- makers to increase sales,” says Kniest. In addition, the company invests in marketing strategies designed for retail, always seek- ing to enhance the brand value linked to a lifestyle. In the automotive industry itself,Harman Brazil prioritizes the brands’ consolidation associated with specific density standards. Some automakers work with the compa- ny’s brands on the audio system and each brand has its own style and marketing