December 2016 | Business View Magazine

72 73 The Port of Nome, Alaska On the forefront of America’s Arctic THe pOrt OF NOme T The city of Nome, Alaska, is located on the southern Seward Peninsula coast on Norton Sound of the Bering Sea. The Port of Nome, the most northern port in the state, has served as a critical transshipment hub for western Alaska and the Arctic for more than a century. Groceries, construc- tion supplies, lumber, gravel, fuel, and other goods flow through the Port before being distributed to some 60 Alaskan communities, spread over 1,000 miles. The existing port and small boat harbor facilities have multiple docks, with a maximum depth of 22.5 feet, and the current marine infrastructure serves a fleet of tug and barge, landing craft, and tanker traffic, as well as government, research, cruise, recreation, and commercial fishing vessels and a fleet of gold dredges. The Port of Nome has grown considerably over time - from 32 vessels back in 1990, to 160 vessels in 2000, to 635, in 2015. It currently handles an average of 53,000 tons of rock, sand, and gravel; 34,000 tons of freight; and 13.1 million gallons of refined products, annually. It also supports many local seafood harvesters and processors. This past summer, illustrating a growing interest in Arctic cruising, the 820-foot Crystal Serenity, carrying 1,700 passengers and crew, made