December 2016 | Business View Magazine

6 7 DECEMBER 2016 Opening Lines SuperCloud, Inc. announced today that it is emerging from stealth mode and open for business. The company reports that through an intensive process it has devel- oped game changing technology, its Convergent Cloud Access System (CCAS), which offers cable companies, telcos, networks, music/radio programmers, video game publishers, live event producers or anyone with digital video rights a superior way to manage and stream video from the cloud without requiring the consumer to download an app. A dramatic innovation in architecture and infrastruc- ture, SuperCloud’s browser-based system delivers live linear multi-channel TV 24/7 to any wireless or internet connected mobile device. The company allows its clients and their consumers to “cut the cord,” offering a completely wireless video distribution service directly from the cloud. “SuperCloud’s live streaming solution is simply bigger, better and faster,” said SuperCloud Founder and Chairman Jim Devericks.“We integrate all three layers of the current cloud ecosystem (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), encapsulating them with military grade digital rights management and security.We’ re the first--and I believe the only--company to approach streaming this way.” The platform can stream in excess of 2,000 channels of live linear programming simultaneously to 100+ million simultaneously connected devices worldwide. SuperCloud’s configuration allows MSOs, telcos and other video content rights holders and distributors who use the platform to choose which of their channels to make available for streaming in real time to their customers’ connected devices. Subscribers may On Thanksgiving Day, millions of Americans gasped in appreciation as the perfectly browned turkey was pulled from the oven. Across the kitchen, someone was whipping up potatoes and another was tossing a salad. The pies were sitting on a nearby counter, ready to pop into the oven as soon as the din- ner dishes were cleared. For most Americans, it’s likely this meal –one that traces back to the country’s early roots – like most of the meals we cook throughout the year, was prepared at home, by a family member (or two or three). That’s because cooking at home is still the preferred way to prepare a meal for 98% of Americans, according to a new survey by ReportLinker. In a way, this finding could be viewed as surprising. After all, Americans have plenty of choices for meals. Restaurants, fast food, and the grocery’s prepared meals all compete for a share of the fami- ly food budget. Yet, despite this wide array of options, more than a third of Americans say they cook at home daily, and 50% say they cook between three and six days a week, ReportLinker says. Retirees and those who are at home all day are more likely than full-time employees to cook each day. But cooking remains popular for two noteworthy reasons: it’s inexpensive and health- ier. Thirty-one percent of Americans say the lower cost motivates them to cook at home, while 22% say their desire for healthy fare drives them into the kitchen, accord- ing to the survey. One in five Americans say they prefer cooking at home because it gives them better control over what they eat. With the popularity of television cook- ing shows, recipe websites, and celebrity chefs, it is somewhat surprising that more Americans don’t cite a passion for cooking as one of their top three reasons for preparing meals at home. Only 13.7% of Americans said their love of cooking was the primary reason they spent time in the kitchen. SuperCloud Bursts on the Scene, Offers Live Streaming TV to Any Internet Connected Device access this programming on any mobile device and quickly “flip” through channels, just like on their home cable TV service. Adding value to SuperCloud’s robust infrastructure and delivery and sales network are strategic relation- ships the company has secured with leading content delivery networks, data warehousing and processing, providers of communications and supply chain services, Internet of Things (IoT) solution providers con- necting data and devices, and other key providers. In addition, after rigorous testing with 40+ live streaming channels from December 2015 through October 17th of this year, SuperCloud opened a broad preview of its N2Me consumer streaming video entertainment portal, where entertainment is all about the customer—“It’sAll About You.”The highly-anticipatedN2ME entertainment servicewill launch broadlyacross the U.S.with 100+ live streaming linear TV channels,millions of songs,more than 10 thousandmovies,thousands of games,1 million eBooks,a roster of live interactive PPVevents,an initial 35 live radio chan- nels,and a social video chat platform. “We’re extremely proud to intro- duce SuperCloud as the first of its kind in the world,”explained Dever- icks.“With no fiber runs, no satellite feeds, no spectrum confinements and no FCC regulatory compliance issues, we’ve committed to building the Holy Grail in 21st century streaming. This unique approach solves many problems that have impeded moneti- zation of internet video: slow delivery, image quality, accessibility, piracy and lack of choice. Cablers and telcos can expand their streaming video offering with security, efficiency and scale. And for consumers, N2ME is extremely easy-to-use, so fans will find endless enjoyment as they watch live TV on any of their wireless and internet connected mobile devices.” Julia ChildWould Be Thrilled: Most Americans Prefer to Cook at Home Cooking remains popular for two noteworthy reasons: it’s inexpensive and healthier.