December 2016 | Business View Magazine

28 29 TAPSNAP at a glanCe tapSnap WHAT: A photo booth rental franchise company WHERE: Headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia oNLINE: I t wasn’t too long ago that photography was an intricate, time-consuming, and somewhat expen- sive art form. High-priced cameras, an array of different lenses, paper and chemicals, and some- times even a well-equipped darkroom were the tools of the professional and intrepid amateur alike. Then came digital technology – pixels replaced negatives and prints, computer programs made darkrooms obsolete, and smart phones turned everyone into pointers and shooters. What has never changed, though, is the desire to photograph, for pleasure and posterity, those special events – birthdays, weddings, holiday parties – that demarcate the joyful milestones of people’s lives. Into this domain stepped TapSnap Ventures Inc., a Vancouver-based company that has quickly become the leader in event entertainment, utilizing all of the most recent advances in digital photography and social media to help participants enjoy and commemorate all of life’s special occasions. TapSnap is the brainchild of company CEO, Scott McInnes, and his team, who previously had launched DVDNow, a provider of DVD-dispensing kiosks for hotels, resorts, timeshares, and vacation rentals. Next to Red Box, DVDNow is the world’s second biggest provider of DVDs. But over the last the photo Booth, reinvented tAPsnAP