December 2016 | Business View Magazine

108 109 tri StAte tOwer to a Top Hand, to a Field Supervisor, Project Manager, or Construc- tion Manager.We’re always growing and developing that individual to be the best they can be.We challenge our customers, as well, to find out howwe can get better.” Concern for employee safety is also a high company priority.“Ev- eryMondaymorning,we have a safetymeetingwherewe collaborate company-wide,whether they’re in Fond du Lac,Omaha,DesMoines,or Marion,”Hagstromexplains.“We utilizeweb conferencing so everyone is able to see and hear exactlywhat’s going on.When you have a total of 15 crews that are out and about at sites and not physically able to make it to the corporate office, they’re still able to access it via their smart phones, and they’re held accountable to make sure that they’re getting the education about the safetyconcerns that we have. Also,we’re getting that message out there,not only to our team,but to the sub-contractors that we deal with on a regular basis.We live stream everything on Mondaymorning.” As Tri State Tower continues to grow and mature, Brunscheen again stresses the company’s constant work on its culture and communication skills.“In the past two and a half years, our leader- ship team has worked with a business coach and we’ve put a lot of focus on, and attention to, the culture that we have at Tri State Tower,”he says.“Part of that culture is howwe talk to people; how we talk to one another; howwe encourage others to be better; how we encourage co-workers to achieve the same level of success that maybe one of our top guys has. In the past sixmonths,we’ve started seeing a huge shift in the way people are approaching a challeng- ing situation; a huge shift and change in the way people are talking to each other.” Hagstrom agrees: “Let’s not be good–let’s be great,”he declares. “I would like our customers to know that we’re their preferred ven- dor. If that customer doesn’t succeed,we don’t succeed. It goes back to integrity on the job site; it goes back to open communication; it goes back to the collective I.Q. to solve the problems and obstacles that face us. It goes back to going above and beyond.”