Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 8

174 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 8 AIRGLADES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT I magine taking a general aviation airport and converting it to a logistics hub with an airport attached to it. That is the thinking behind the transition to Airglades International Airport in Hendry County, Florida. A perfectly poised location, sitting just five miles outside of Clewiston and 90 miles west of Miami. “Hendry County has always been predominantly known for its agribusiness,” explains Lillie Rentz, Airport Manager. “Our project is going to bring new industries to the area – manufacturing, distribution, trade, and logistics. If you fly in over Hendry County, all you see is farms, a lot of agricultural lands, and in my opinion, an area where people can come in and grow their business. Hendry County has some of the highest unemployment in Florida and so working on this project brings a lot of promising opportunities to the area; including not just increasing the local tax base but also abundant job opportunities as a result of the project.” Tracing its roots back to 1942, the airport was originally known as Riddle Field and had six flight training fields that trained more than 1300 pilots for the British WHERE OPPORTUNITIES TAKE FLIGHT