Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 8

169 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 8 BRA INERD LAKES REGIONAL A I RPORT helipad. The airport averages between 20,000 and 30,000 operations per year and these include both commercial and general aviation. There are 80 based aircraft, the majority of which are single-engine, along with some multi- engine, jet, and helicopters. Within the last two years, they have opened a new 4000 square foot general aviation arrival and departure facility, which propelled BRD forward in terms of becoming far more customer focused and customer friendly. The interior design mimics the lake and cottage region, complete with a Northwoods fireplace. Also located on the field is a popular restaurant, as well as the Department of Natural Resources Tanker Service, a helicopter ambulance service, the Civil Air Patrol, Brainerd Helicopter Service, as well as car rental agencies. “This is all in addition to NorthPoint Aviation,” explains Wright, “who are our FBO. About 90 employees call the airport home with all these businesses combined. Our commercial carrier is Sky West, operated by Delta Airlines, and they offer two flights daily to Minneapolis. The FBO goes above and beyond to provide everything from aircraft fueling, to flight instruction, and aircraft maintenance. They have a skilled maintenance team that can maintain everything from the simple prop plane to complex jet aircraft. They support Sky West Airlines from time to time, so they can tackle any needs that our customers have.” Always looking ahead, the airport has recently extended the sewer and water lines from the city onto their property and created space that they hope will become an industrial park. “Last summer was the first summer where we were completely full,” Wright notes, “and so hangar waiting lists are beginning to develop. It is good news, and part of our capital improvement plan in terms of how we grow. The clientele is changing, and we are needing to build 60 x 60 “Big Box Hangers” in order to accommodate jet