Business View Magazine - August 2023

26 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 8 and municipal markets. And there is August Berres which provides the world’s first battery- powered office systems furniture product reducing stress on electrical grids, allowing for purchasing off-peak power, and reducing peak demand. It also provides resilience when power from the grid is interrupted. Looking ahead, GT has a crucial role to play in supporting California’s ambitious decarbonization targets. As the state continues to pursue carbon neutrality by 2045, GT’s focus on connecting stakeholders, disseminating information, and showcasing best practices will remain instrumental. The initiative can further strengthen its impact by expanding its reach, engaging more public sector decision-makers, and forging partnerships with organizations that share the common goal of sustainability. Furthermore, GT can leverage emerging technologies and trends to address new challenges and opportunities. The advancement of artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT) opens avenues for optimizing energy consumption, enhancing efficiency, and accelerating the adoption of renewable energy sources. GT can highlight the role of these technologies in achieving decarbonization goals and provide guidance on their implementation. Green Technology has been at the forefront of supporting California’s decarbonization and sustainability efforts. By providing a platform for knowledge sharing, showcasing best practices, and fostering collaboration between public sector officials and private sector innovators, GT plays a crucial role in advancing the state’s clean energy agenda. As California continues its journey towards carbon neutrality, Green Technology’s work will be instrumental in driving innovation, disseminating information, and empowering decision-makers to make sustainable choices. With a focus on collaboration, education, and the exchange of ideas, GT paves the way for a cleaner, greener future for California and beyond.