Business View Magazine | August 2020

118 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 market,” says Scott. “We want to continue our steady, measured growth like we’ve done for the last several years. As far as the next Mabrey generation, they’re all still pretty young; none are out of college yet. And we do have a family employment policy. You have to be qualified to even work at the bank, but you also have to have a college degree and outside work experience. So, that next generation is several years away from being eligible.” Director of Marketing, Lisa McLarty, adds, “Mabrey Bank has grown over the years through the same principles we value in our customers: hard work, integrity, and treating people with respect. While we have continued to enhance our digital offerings and financial solutions, we haven’t lost sight of the importance of a meaningful relationship and having a banker that really knows you (and your business). Plus, being family owned and operated gives us the flexibility to make decisions quickly and pivot when necessary to meet a customer’s unique needs. “In terms of marketing practices, our focus on putting relationships first continues as our top priority. We rarely advertise rates, instead we focus on highlighting our customers and how our partnership has helped them reach their financial goals. Of course, we utilize traditional marketing methods such as digital, print, and outdoor but I would argue that our most powerful marketing resources are our team and the testimonials of our customers to their friends and family. We know that the ripple effect of creating the best possible work environment and taking good care of our customers is far more powerful than any ad. Lastly, our employees are deeply engaged and respected in their local communities. Through their commitment to serving the community through civic organizations, local events, and non-profits as board members and volunteers, the bank’s reach and reputation has continued to grow in a positive way.”