Business View Magazine | August 2020

10 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 immune response. Chen’s idea is widely quoted by the media. Once infected by the virus, the elderly are faced with high risks of severe diseases or even death. Therefore, they are an important target population for the COVID-19 vaccine. Yu pointed out that with an additional dose, the immune response will be effectively intensified. The effect of two-dose vaccination was demonstrated in the clinical trial for the Ebola vaccine developed by CanSinoBIO with the same technology. For clinical trials in the future, how to achieve better protection for the elderly can be explored. Chimpanzees or human being, which vector is safer? Except for their efficacy, what about the safety of the two vaccines? The AZD1222 vaccine by Oxford and AstraZeneca combines a weakened version of a common cold virus (adenovirus) that causes infections in chimpanzees and the genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. According to Yu, Ad5-nCoV uses adenovirus type 5 as vector, a weakened version of common adenovirus that can result in the infection of human beings rather than chimpanzees. “Although some participants may have ‘existing immunity’ due to their infection of adenovirus type 5 and impact the immune response, Ad5- nCoV ensures safety to the greatest extent from the source of the adenovirus vector.” Currently, the two vaccines are almost equally safe in terms of “safety evaluation” observed by public information from the media. Andrew In generating T-cell responses and generating neutralizing antibodies, this is a positive result