Business View Magazine | August 2019

76 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE AUGUST 2019 H arris Thermal Transfer Products was originally established as Harris Ice Machine Works by Henry E. Harris in 1885, in Newberg, Oregon. In its early days, the company produced ammonia refrigeration systems, including compressors, evaporators, condensers, chillers, cold boxes, and controls. This early production of heat exchanger equipment led to the company’s current emphasis on the design and manufacture of custom industrial process equipment, including shell-and-tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, fractioning columns, vacuum vessels, evaporators, condensers, storage tanks, autoclaves, and vibratory mills. Construction materials include - but are not limited to - all nickel and high nickel alloys, stainless steels, titanium, zirconium, copper, and copper alloys, as well as carbon steel alloys. Harris Thermal Transfer Products operates out of a 50,000-sq.-ft . AT A GLANCE HARRIS THERMAL TRANSFER PRODUCTS/ HARRIS MANUFACTURING WHAT: A manufacturer of custom industrial process equipment WHERE: Newberg, Oregon and Bonner, Montana WEBSITE: HARRIS THERMAL TRANSFER PRODUCTS /HARRIS MANUFACTURING T H E R I G H T F O C U S