Business View Magazine | August 2019

74 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE AUGUST 2019 PREFERRED VENDOR n Hohl Industrial Services, Inc. 2019. Technology-wise, Gabriel notes, “In 2018, we switched to SAP as our ERP system. That was a big project to adopt but we’re through it and have been running successfully. We’re still in the optimization phase, so, right now, I haven’t seen any savings yet, but it’s more transparent in terms of data you can get, certain KPIs (key performance indicators) you can now more easily extract from the system, so I believe that, in itself, is providing advantages. And as we get more proficient with the system, we hope we also get more efficiency improvements, rather than just indirect ones that we’re seeing at the moment. “Five years down the road, our significant objectives are that we grow as a company, possibly by acquisitions to increase our portfolio. It’s difficult to say what the political climate is going to bring us, in terms of business – depending on what news channel you listen to, either we’ll have the biggest recession in six months, or the growth will continue into infinity. But we’re looking ahead positively at Ebner Furnaces, where the heat of success is definitely on.”