Business View Magazine | August 2019

326 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE AUGUST 2019 some traffic issues that we have. For example, the Borough is located along the Interstate 81 corridor, and the I-81 corridor has a lot of trucking interests that have been constructed around the Borough, so moving that freight around has been a challenge.” “When we undertook this project, we worked closely with PennDOT,” Candland adds. “And one of the things they required of us was that we needed to conduct an impact evaluation of what these redevelopment sites would mean for PennDOT and Borough roads. So, we did that, and the result was there were a lot of improvements that needed to be made as a result of the anticipated impact. All the transportation projects that we need to do are going to begin, probably, early next year. We estimate that will be $10-15 million worth of transportation projects to include: two new roundabouts, some widening of roads, some streetscape work, property acquisition, new intersections, and dealing with Norfolk-Southern Railroad. That’s some pretty complex issues along with some actual complexity in the design and construction, itself.” Yet another concurrent project will be the creation of the Fairgrounds Avenue Stormwater Park on a couple of acres of open space on the former IAC/ Masland site, posing an immediate stormwater management benefit through impervious surface reduction. Beyond the open space benefits, the park will be designed as a fully-integrated stormwater management facility, including rain gardens, underground storage, and various bio- retention swales/micro-pools to capture and treat runoff during storm events. “The Borough does have some problems with localized flooding,” Candland notes. “Much of that has to do with the system, itself, that gets overwhelmed during certain storm events. So this gives us an opportunity to try and address stormwater on the sites, themselves, and maybe even relieve and alleviate some of the flooding conditions by taking some of the water off the sites.” The Borough of Carlisle has succeeded in turning the proverbial lemon into lemonade with its Urban Renewal Plan. The next stage is to continue to attract more private developers, while simultaneously taking advantage of every possible state or federal program available, in order to keep the money spigot flowing. “The infrastructure is here and available for businesses to move into,” says Malarich. “We have no limitations.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley, LP Preparing You for Tomorrow’s Risks–Today Paul Pugielli, CIC Senior Vice President Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley, LP 3001 Emrick Boulevard, Suite 120, Bethlehem, PA 18020 (610) 694-1913 | From small businesses to large organizations, we offer comprehensive insurance solutions to fit your needs. Property & Casualty • General Liability • Cyber Liability • Crime Directions & Officers • Worker’s Compensation • Excess Liability Umbrella • F&I Products • Surety Bonds Industry Programs Employee Benefits • Personal Insurance Private Client Group