Business View Magazine | August 2019

325 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE AUGUST 2019 THE BOROUGH OF CARL I SLE , PENNSYLVANI A they’re going to start development that will include restaurants and office space. I don’t think there’s any residential on that site, because the contamination didn’t allow for it. “The biggest site is the IAC site. That’s probably one of the trickiest ones and it’s already started developing, as well. All of the water and sewer and road networks have been installed, or are in the process of being installed. There’s a hotel that’s going to be constructed there – a Homewood Suites. That’s slated to begin construction this month or next month. We’re also working with a number of different housing developers for some apartments and townhouses. There are a few zoning changes that would need to be made and we’re working on that, now. We suspect that will all be buttoned up sometime in the next few months and they can start construction either this fall or next spring. So, that’s looking pretty good. There’s also a restaurant slated to be built there along with some offices. That would be Phase One; the second phase is across the street and could be residential, or retail, or office – they haven’t finalized that, yet.” Candland suggests that the federal government’s Opportunity Zone program might be an excellent way to attract more investors interested in redeveloping Carlisle’s newest sites. “There are investors all around the country that have proceeds, whether it’s capital gains of one kind or another, and these Opportunity Zones give them an opportunity to invest that money, tax-free, for some period of time,” he explains. “We’re trying to attract some developers to bring some of that funding here, because I think all three of the sites are Opportunity Zone eligible. We’re in the early stages of that and that would also be a significant boost in the investment in those properties.” Mark Malarich is Carlisle’s Director of Water Resources. He explains that in concert with the water and sewer infrastructure updates the Borough has made, and continues to make, it is also implementing the Carlisle Connectivity Project, a series of transportation upgrades designed to improve mobility around and through the brownfield sites in the northern part of Carlisle. “If you look at a map of the Borough, we’re, essentially, a grid – our streets go north, south, east, and west in a grid system,” he says. “Because of the historic factories that were there, that grid system has been disconnected. As part of the infrastructure improvements, we’ll be replacing the grid system, which, hopefully, will help with