Business View Magazine | August 2019

275 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE AUGUST 2019 W elcome to Winthrop, Massachusetts! Gateway to the North Shore of Boston Harbor with some of the most spectacular views on the East Coast. Settled in 1630 and incorporated as a town in 1852, Winthrop is a quaint, oceanside slice of New England – boasting shops, parks, marinas, inns, and miles of enticing beaches, while close enough to the urban vibe to appease those so inclined. An excellent public transportation system links Winthrop and Boston in just 20 minutes; Winthrop and Logan International Airport in five. North and South Shore communities are just a quick boat ride away. Winthrop Town Manager, Austin Faison, knows well the perks and challenges inherent in this unique little peninsula and he’s doing all he can to make the town attractive to businesses and families. He admits, “The issue we have is that the major water resource authority for the area’s sewer treatment is at one end of town and Logan International Airport is on the other side of town; meaning a lot of planes fly over, plus a lot of waste flows underground out to the Deer Island sewer treatment facility. So, the town is beautiful and we Winthrop, massachusetts Gateway to the North Shore