Business View Magazine | August 2019

17 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE AUGUST 2019 Every business owner always has money and growth on their mind. The big question they are constantly asking is “what can I do to grow my business and increase revenue?” One of the best ways to have more money for your business is to save more money and attract the attention and affection of consumers. Consumers care about the environment and, as a business owner, you should too. A green roof is the pathway to capturing the hearts of the public, giving back to the environment, and saving yourself money for future business growth. Installing a green roof for your business can really do wonders for your growth, finances, and public standing. Read on to discover how a green roof can grow your business. What is a Green Roof? A green roof is the installation of greenery on the top of your building. A green roof will be made up of plants and soil and will replace a standard or traditional roof. This new garden-like roof becomes the covering for your building. Changing the infrastructure of your building is not needed when it comes to growing vegetation on your green roof. Most rooftops don’t have much of a function except to act as a covering for a building. A green rooftop changes that and brings use and functionality to your roof and the effects are far- reaching and beneficial for business. The Benefits for a Business Owner One of the greatest benefits of having a green roof is that it lasts longer than a traditional roof. An average for the lifespan for most green rooftops is about 60 years. That means the cost of maintenance or installation of a new traditional roof goes way down or becomes completely non-existent. Having a green roof, although it How a Green Roof Can Grow Your Business Courtesy of House Tipster