August/September Business View Magazine

6 7 AUGUST 2018 Opening Lines HUBBA HELPS RETAILERS DISCOVER FOOD TRENDS BEFORE THEY HIT MAINSTREAM STORES H ubba, the leading global wholesale marketplace has already attracted over 100,000 retail buyers and brands to its platform, CPG, and food category has become one of the most active on the platform. Specialty food sales continue to outpace growth of all food,and according to the SpecialtyFoodAssociation,sales grew12.9%.Product innovation andwider availabilityof specialty foods throughmass-mar- ket outlets is contributing to this categorybeing especiallycompetitive. In fact, food sales are no longer limited to traditional grocers. 37% of buyers looking for food related products on Hubba are from non-traditional food retailers. In the newworld of commerce, many retailers may not look like traditional retailers at all; influenc- ers, subscription boxes, product review sites and anyone else who is able to exchange trust for revenue will also win in retail. Wading through product after product has become a full-time job for buyers. 70% of interviewed buyers said that they wished they could better predict what products to carry, making it clear that, like consumers, they aren’t sure exactly whose claims to trust. Technology like Hubba is not only helping them discover vetted products that they can trust, but also to uncover products and trends that are coming new to attention. Retail buyer search queries on Hubba provide insight into customer interests/demands, the brands gaining popularity and the trends that are gaining traction. Consumer demand for natural and healthy ingredients is motivating the fastest growing trends in nutraceuticals. To date, when looking for new products, 75% of the methods buyers use involve no digital technology whatsoever, and dedicat- ing as much as 30+ days to the product discovery process.Hubba’s new independent survey of retail buyers reveals that these numbers are shifting. Buyers that utilize Hubba’s smart technology have cut that discovery time bymore than 50%, giving many independent retailers an advantage in being able to satisfy changing tastes of consumers like ever before.