August/September Business View Magazine

26 27 PREFERRED VENDOR n Ornametals, Inc. TUSCHALL ENGINEERING CO. But a 15 percent tariff doesn’t mean our overall bid is going to be 15 percent more; it might be only three percent or so.” Tuschall’s long-term agenda for his company is to grow modestly and keep the momentum going. “I’m not looking to be big,” he avers. “I just want to support the staff that I have. I have a lot of long-time employees, so my goals are to make sure we keep this thing going for everybody. Right now, the economy is very strong, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Most of our work is exterior, but we are looking to diversify a little bit and do some interior panels; lots of schools and hospitality and retail will use metal on the inside of their buildings, as well, so we’re looking into that avenue.” After 43 years, Tuschall states that he has no plans of leaving the helm, anytime soon. “I really like what I do and I can step back a little bit and let everybody else do their job while keeping my finger on the throttle,” he says in conclusion. “I Orna metals Manufacturing, LLC. European Quality. Southern Hospitality 256-255-0190 Made in America - Ornaments - EuroGutterUSA™ Restorations - New Construction don’t have any plans to retire; I’ll probably be at the office less.With the technology that we have today, being in the office is not as important as it used to be. My son is now the third generation; he’s been with me for five years, so I want to see him succeed as the next generation goes forward.”