August/September Business View Magazine

234 235 Armor is a 100% minority owned company created for the sole purpose of providing comprehensive correctional health care. Beginning with our first Florida contract in 2004, Armor has focused on each client’s unique needs. Each of our programs is designed and staffed to reflect our clients' priorities, prevailing health care needs, and local community resources and partners. Armor, it’s how correctional health care should be. Toll Free: 866-979-8585 Core & Other Services We Specialize In: Medical Services•Behavioral Health Pharmacy Services•On-Site & Off-Site Care Quality Improvement•Cost Containment Community Re-Entry•Training & Education Accreditation•Electronic Medical Records lished between the county and Nopetro, a com- pressed natural gas (CNG) provider.“Back in 2015, when CNG and alternative fuels became a large part of the conversation, especially in how it pertained to economic development, our county looked at ways to provide, and tap into, alternative fuels,”Glasgow recounts.“Some grants were available through our North Florida TPO (Transportation Planning Orga- nization) to see howwe could provide this type of service that would benefit both the public and the private sector. So, the county provided land for Nop- etro and committed to provide at least 130 vehicles that utilized CNG. It offered Nopetro a 20-year lease and committed to a rate that was less than regular gasoline costs at that time. So, it was a cost-savings measure for the county and gave us the ability to provide this sustainable amenity for our community –both the public and private sectors.” As St. Johns County continues to develop, Glasgow maintains that its agenda for sustained business ST. JOHNS COUNTY, FLORIDA PREFERRED VENDORS n Arista Information Systems Arista Information Systems makes billing easier with complete printing and mailing services for all of your compa- ny’s bills, invoices, checks, and notices. Customers across the country have come to rely on our streamlined process that reduces expenses and overhead. Learn how Arista can simplify your bill production at n Vallencourt Construction Co. n Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc. growth–flexibility in its incentives programs and the creation of pub- lic-private partnerships -are key elements.“I think we provided some creative approaches to the way we do economic development, here,” she notes, in summation. “From real estate bro- kers, to developers, to business people–every- body is really bullish on St. Johns County.”