Business View Magazine Apr-2023

7 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 4 KYLE CITY COUNCIL NOT SLOWING DOWN ON ROAD BOND PROJECTS, APPROVES 3 MORE CONTRACTS Source-, Rachel Sonnier KYLE, TEXAS — Kyle City Council is continuing their momentum on the city’s historic $294 million road bond program. In November of 2022, City of Kyle Voters approved Proposition A, a $294 million bond to provide funding for critical transportation projects that will decrease congestion and improve overall safety and mobility in Kyle. During the Tuesday, March 21 City Council meeting, members approved 3 additional task orders for engineering and design services for 3 of the bond projects, including Center Street (on- system), Windy Hill Road, and the Kyle Parkway/ Lehman Road Extension, keeping on track with the commitment Kyle City Council made to citizens last November. The contracts approved by council include a contract with LOCKWOOD, ANDREWS & NEWMAN, INC. in an amount not to exceed $631,347.90 for engineering services and design of Windy Hill Road from Interstate 35 Northbound Frontage Road to Purple Martin Avenue; a contract with COBB, FENDLEY & ASSOCIATES, INC. In an amount not to exceed $2,794,679.68 for engineering services and OPENING L INES O p e n i n g L i n e s