Business View Magazine | April/May 2022

93 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 4 CHAMP ION CHEVROLET EV renaissance. For Stanko Sr., EVs are a no brainer. “As a dealer, we are naturally willing to sell anything with wheels,” he quips. “However, EVs must solve three critical challenges before realistically starting to replace the 275 million vehicles on American roads. First, here in Reno, the altitude and environment mean more must be done to roll out EV infrastructure before people are comfortable switching to EV trucks. Second, is the time it takes to charge an EV. If manufacturers can lower that time to around 15 minutes, which is closer to the time it takes to fill up a gas tank, that will make a compelling case for EVs.” He adds, “Lastly, EVs must surmount distance, especially in large countries and states like Nevada. It’s 450 miles from Reno to Las Vegas, which means if you are driving an EV, you will need to stop somewhere to charge, which can be a hard sell, especially for people on a tight schedule.”