Business View Magazine | April/May 2022

201 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 4 Page T he City of Page, Arizona may best be described as beauty on parade. It is exactly what you imagine Arizona to be in your mind’s eye – beautiful red rock mesas and layered stone valleys with cool water winding through it. “Page is beautiful – plain and simple,” begins Gregg Martinez, Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Page. “Uniquely beautiful… it’s almost like flying into Mars, but Mars has a great big lake. We are at a higher elevation, so there is a different feel to the desert here. When you think of the Arizona desert you are probably thinking of Death Valley or Phoenix, but those places are at sea level. We are about 4300 feet up and so the sky is a little bit crisper, the blue is a little bluer, and then the contrast of the blue sky with the orange and red rocks is just a sight to behold. I am pretty sure that when pilots are approaching our airport, they find it hard to concentrate on the runway because of how much glorious beauty is around them.” Beyond its natural glory, Page is an interesting MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Behold the beauty