Business View Magazine | April/May 2022

187 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 4 stream – weathering the pandemic and economic uncertainty of the last few years quite well. As soon as they get the green light from the state, they hope to be expanding with even more development. “I hope that the things we are doing will cause more awareness in the community,” Muske adds. “I know there are people who do not really even know we have an airport. By emphasizing our history and raising awareness, we can show everyone how an airport can benefit the community. Clintonville has a history of being on the front lines when it comes to innovation, and we can get there again. I would like to partner with flight clubs, schools, history buffs, maybe even a technical school and have a consistent presence here on the airfield of partners who are interested in making it better.” She acknowledges that if the airport had unlimited funding and unlimited resources, they would “just build it and hope they come” but, as it is, they must be strategic about attracting the right people at the right time. That being said, they need to start with building slowly – a couple of new hangars, some extra meeting space, and continue to branch out with the help of others. “I have always believed in connecting with others and avoiding the silo approach,” says Muske. “The airport is stronger when it partners with others, and we need to be capitalizing on current relationships. Two of our biggest partners when it comes to looking towards the future have been the Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation, the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Clintonville Industrial Development Corporation. Those organizations go beyond the city and bring in other members of the county. They essentially create momentum when it comes to economic development and put money into business recruitment as well. They have always been very supportive of us, and us of them, because they understand the economic potential of the airport – which is huge.” Waupaca County is a great place to grow your business and your family. From world-class shing to world-class manufacturing and everything in between, Waupaca County balances nature and business for the best approach to work and play. Visit us at to nd out more. CL INTONV I LLE MUNI C I PAL A I RPORT