Business View Magazine | April 2021

106 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE APRIL 2021 Looking ahead, Gibbs shares, “if we’re in a high inflation environment, which there’s some indication we may be in the future, those savings will increase because inflation is going to increase traditional utility costs for customers. But we’re under a fixed two percent contract. So over time we already know what our energy costs are going to be. Meanwhile, if we were just using a traditional utility provider, those inflationary costs would be passed down to us without us really being able to look into the future and understand what those impacts are going to be. Now, we know, so that’s a good benefit for us.” With all the strategic planning and forward thinking in the works, and environmental stewardship leading the charge, Lake Tahoe Airport definitely has nothing but blue skies on the horizon. PREFERRED VENDORS/PARTNERS n Tahoe Helicopters LLC n Tahoe Douglas Visitors Authority | The Tahoe South Events Center represents a new and unparalleled venue for conventions, special events, and entertainment on Lake Tahoe’s south shore. The new Events Center will complement local resort services by leveraging the existing hotel bed base, utilizing available parking, and concentrating activity near restaurant, retail, and recreation areas. n Staten Solar | Staten Solar ( ) is a leading solar Developer and Licensed CA contractor for solar Photovoltaic systems. Founded in 2008, and based in Silicon Valley, California, the company serves commercial clients across the nation. Staten Solar’s innovative design methodologies, financing capabilities, and excellent construction skills deliver solar PV systems with the highest quality, reliability, and best long- term value. Get in touch with us at