Business View Magazine | April 2020

47 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE APRIL 2020 ANCHOR MANUFACTUR ING GROUP company we are.” This past November, the Precision Metalforming Association recognized just what kind of company Anchor is by awarding it the 2019 Zierick Manufacturing Corporation Productivity Award as part of the PMA Awards of Excellence in Metalforming. Anchor won the award for productivity gains realized on its crash tube line, which manufactures three steering-column crash tubes. Anchor is also a company that believes in sustainability. It is ISO 14001-certified for Environmental Management; it has installed LED lighting, reducing its energy consumption for lighting by almost 50 percent; it has a die wash water evaporator that turns its wastewater into clean and compliant water, while converting the solid waste into non-hazardous material; and it expanded its recycling program, last year, to include paper and plastic, reducing its waste management costs and its carbon footprint. Anchor’s future plans include growing the existing business of supplying larger assemblies to the automotive markets and general industry. The company anticipates an accelerated growth curve as these projects continue to be awarded. This will lead to a broader geographic footprint as customers for these types of products need suppliers close by to minimize logistical costs such as freight and inventory. So, going forward, Parente says that over the next few years, Anchor will likely expand its reach into other regions in North America. “And the preference is organic growth,” he adds. “We’ve looked at a few acquisitions, but there are none on the burner, right now. It’s got to be the right fit for everybody. If there’s an acquisition that fits at the right price and the right payback, then we would look at that opportunity. But it’s not our number one growth strategy.”