Business View Magazine | April 2020

26 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE APRIL 2020 T op of mind for everyone are germs and how to proactively sanitize their environments. One way to do that is to bring in more natural light, which has been shown to kill germs. According to a recent study, rooms with natural light have half the amount of germs that dark rooms do. So how do you bring in natural light to a space with no access to windows? Enter Solatube International, Inc., the inventor of the tubular skylight and the market leader in its daylighting category. With its high-performance lighting solutions for interior spaces— everything from retail stores and health care facilities to school gymnasiums and single- family homes—Solatube is now gearing up to accelerate its business development by enhancing and expanding its sales and service networks across the United States. Add to that the development trends of net zero energy building and smart, sustainable design which have led to a responding increase in the popularity of products that promote the use of natural light in interior