Business View Magazine | April 2020

24 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE APRIL 2020 H-P Products Custom Engineered Tube Bends Offers: • Extensive experience in providing bent tube solutions for HVAC manufacturers • Radiant Heat, Chiller and Air Intake Tubes • Quality Assurance - ISO 9001:2015 certified PROVIDING BENT TUBE SOLUTIONS FOR OVER 60 YEARS Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Learn more about H-P Products by downloading our free ebook at or calling us at 800-860-8823 . Engineered Tube Bends office over there. We continue to make product in the U.S., but we plan to ship more product over to China from here, and we think that’s a tremendous opportunity because they’re moving from family farm production to more larger- scale production. We have three employees there, currently, and we expect to hire more people in China. On the temporary portable heat side, we’re going to continue to develop bigger, more complex, larger BTU products. Domestically, for poultry and swine, we plan to continue to innovate. Our main goal is to put out a quality product and have it work right every single time.” Describing the essence of the L.B. White Company, Smith says in conclusion, “We are a Wisconsin-based company with people that want to build the best product they can; the customer service team wants to take care of the customer; and our whole philosophy here at L.B. White is to do the right thing for our customers. We were a company that started in the late ‘40s; we continued to grow, and now we’re a global company and we plan to continue to grow and we’re proud of our success. We’ve taken care of the customer and they’ve taken care of us.” PREFERRED VENDOR n H-P Products Inc.