Business View Magazine | April 2020

208 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE APRIL 2020 completed by July 2021. “Our former train station was a historic landmark – that’s how old it was,” notes Dye. “This one will be state-of-the-art. It’s quite a step up from what we had.” As New Lenox continues to grow, Ellis says that the Village sees itself as a partner in its development and not just a regulatory body that dictates where and how things get done. “And what has impressed me about New Lenox is that as we’ve grown, we haven’t lost that small community feel,” she states. “People say ‘Hi’ to each other on the street. We have a very active business community; we have many social events; we have people participating. We don’t have a lot of controversy. We have a very united Village Board; they share a vision and that has truly been an asset.” “We’ve also had the same mayor, Tim Baldermann, for 12 years,” adds Dye. “He wants the Board to work together and he leads by example.” “Our residents are great,” says Ellis, in conclusion. “They support us, they support our local businesses, and they support each other.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Silver Cross Hospital