Business View Magazine | April 2020

118 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE APRIL 2020 T homasville Regional Airport is a city- owned, general aviation airport located seven miles northeast of the central business district of Thomasville, a city in Thomas County, Georgia. It was built in 1941, and was quickly leased to the U.S. War Department for the duration of World War II. It became the Thomasville Army Airfield in 1943, and was utilized by the Third Air Force for reconnaissance and fighter pilot training. After the war, the federal government abandoned the field and the local community college moved out there for a short period and provided technical training for area residents. In 1961, Thomas County and the City of Thomasville reopened the airport as the Thomasville Municipal Airport, catering to local plantation traffic, which usually peaks during the area’s annual quail season from November to February. Today, the Airport covers an area of 1,301 acres; it has two asphalt paved runways: 4/22 is 6,004 by 100 feet, and 14/32 is 5,000 by 100 feet, which experience approximately 12,500 annual take-offs/landings. It has seven employees and it gets some city funds for its operations, with the county maintaining its roads, easements, and some of its outlying property. It is home to 52 home-based aircraft - a combination of corporate and private A BETTER VALUE