Business View Magazine | April 2020

116 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE APRIL 2020 “We provide our region, which otherwise wouldn’t have access to any other hub airport, with affordable air service to connect them to the national air service system,” she states. “Second, we are the healthcare and manufacturing hub for our region and many of those companies, including some of our largest employers, are based out of Quincy, and their accessibility creates an economic impact second to none. Back in 2012, that was $14 million and I can only imagine what it is today; we’re going to have another study done to assess just what it is. But, I think our ability to provide air service in a region that would otherwise not be able to have access to the national air service transportation system, as well as providing accessibility to our major employers, shows that we support this region in more than one way. And whether you use the Airport every day or not, we’re making sure that we’re helping build our economy right here at Quincy Regional.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Great River Economic Development Foundation