Business View Magazine | April 2020

100 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE APRIL 2020 conscientious of membership retention for our franchisees. That’s a huge component of unit- level economics and growth.” All Snap Fitness employees practice something called “Franchisee First”—a corporate mentality that centers on the idea that a franchisee’s profitability and contentment are the lifeblood of the organisation. “What that means is that if we’re not helping a franchisee, we’re helping someone who’s helping a franchisee,” Lyons explains. “It’s a mindset that’s really allowed us to nurture great relationships with our franchise owners.” PREFERRED VENDOR n BiPro BiPro® is the preferred protein partner for Snap Fitness™, making it a one-stop shopping solution for fueling consumer nutritional needs and sports performance. BiPro’s lean, clean formulations make it the ideal lifestyle choice for professional athletes, health enthusiasts, and busy families. To get your sample of BiPro visit: