Business View Magazine | April 2019

47 What is also rare is the fact that the Fisher Tank Company is completely debt-free, with substantial cash reserves. “We are a very con- servative company regarding growth and risk-taking,” Windham avers. “We haven’t gone out and done acquisitions. We try to grow or- ganically, giving our people the opportunity to grow into other regions. So, we’re going to con- tinue that conservative, debt-free operation.” In addition, Fisher Tank is an ESOP company - completely owned by its employees. “All of our employees own stock and they’re earning stock every hour they work,” Windham states. “And the growth of our stock has been very substantial over the 20-year term. And since we’re 100 percent ESOP, we’re a tax-free entity. The money that we make stays in the company so that we can reinvest it and grow. And when you call our general number, whoever picks up that phone is an employee/owner. When you work at Fisher Tank, you have the ability and the responsibility to make a difference, every day. And that says a lot about us.” PREFERRED VENDORS n G.C. Zarnas & Co., Inc. n Dooley Gasket and Seal, Inc.