Business View Magazine | April 2019

123 RAP E dward Arnold Scrap Processors Inc. was founded by Edward Arnold Sr. and Darlyn Arnold in 1956. “My father started out with the pickup truck, go- ing around and picking up scrap,” says Edward Arnold Jr., Company Vice President. “They bought the property where we’re at now in Corfu, New York when it was all farmland. He did a lot of work with the railroads. He would go and clean up scrap from derailments and bring it back to the yard. He would process that scrap and he just kept stockpiling and selling it.” Today, Ed Arnold Scrap employs 72 people and offers its services to individuals and businesses across the Northeastern U.S. “From Cleveland, Ohio to Watertown, New York, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,” notes Arnold. “We handle Fortune 500 companies like General Motors and Ford, down to small machine shops, collision shops, and stamping plants; and then we go down to what we call our peddlers, which are people that make a full-time job of going around with a pickup truck, kind of like how my father started, picking up scrap and bringing it in.” AT A GLANCE EDWARD ARNOLD SCRAP PROCESSORS, INC. WHAT: A processor of ferrous and non-ferrous materials WHERE: Corfu, New York WEBSITE: