Business View Civil and Municipal | September 2022

99 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 9 DEMING, NEW MEX I CO Arias-Ward notes, “The city’s position lends itself well to business. Our proximity to the logistic advantages that we have is beneficial. We parallel the interstate, we have rail, we have air, and we have a 24-hour commercial port of entry, which is the only 24-hour port in the region for commercial activity. We’re just really trying to maximise our impact and our efforts.” To address workforce engagement, Deming and Luna County are doubling down on workforce planning initiatives with Western New Mexico University by helping to increase trades-based programs, including a welding course, which will see its first graduating class this year. They plan to expand the course with additional welding programs. There is also a commercial driver’s licence (CDL) course, which Arias-Ward says is going to do wonders for the area. “We’ve talked about doing that for years and the bookwork part of that has been coordinated and I think we’re going to be looking to help out with the site. There is a really big need in our area for CDL qualified individuals and, of course, throughout the nation. We’re excited that it’s being done here in the community.” The City of Deming is also supporting the Southwest Council of Governments and County of Luna to create a communications and broadband initiative that will specialise in telecommunications and broadband-based trades. Arias-Ward acknowledges, “It’s neat to see all of that coming to fruition here in the community and really working to address some of those gaps that we are seeing with the workforce. The other thing that we are doing is teaming up with our local workforce connection office to just really re-engage the community and let them know what types of careers are available here.” Some of Deming’s major employers include DH Lescombes Family Vineyards, the largest winery in New Mexico that also operates its winery’s harvesting vineyards and its bottling manufacturing facility (newly expanded) in Deming; Olam Food Ingredients, the largest City Manager with Home Grown Market Startup