Business View Civil and Municipal | September 2022

95 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 9 they do the marketing as well,” Mitchell says. “They have a database that they maintain, so it’s really important. We just enjoy their collaboration and we use them in a lot of different ways.” Partnerships are a big reason why Dallas is able to carve out opportunities that will meet its specific needs, allowing it to grow in a way that suits them. A partnership with nearby Polk County cities, Independence and Monmouth, has allowed the cities to hire an individual who is solely focused on the tourism and hospitality industry in the county. Dallas has also recently hired a new economic development specialist for the city who will work with the city’s Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Mainstreet Association, and visitor’s center to help keep those organizations going strong. “A lot of the work is going to be around citizen engagement and getting more volunteers on board… those kinds of things,” Mitchell says. “We’re going to invest in that for a few years and see how it goes.” Careful planning and thoughtful partnerships have set the City of Dallas on a clear path for growth in a way that maintains the city’s identity. The city will continue to do so to accomplish its goals. “I’m always looking for new ways and new partners and I appreciate getting the job done with as many folks as possible,” Mitchell says. “I don’t let my ego get in the way of sharing. It doesn’t matter to me who gets credit for success, as long as we can work together to make that success happen.” For a dealership you can trust, SYNERGIZE AUTO is a must! We are family owned and operated by a husband and wife team. - No pressure - Transparent - Easy to work with 201 NE Polk Station Rd Dallas OR 97338 971-718-4042 DALLAS , OREGON