Business View Civil and Municipal | September 2022

32 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 9 W ith year-after-year record budget surpluses and historic tax relief, coupled with significant infrastructure investments, Idaho’s economy continues to surge forward like no other state in the nation. Idaho’s economy continues to thrive despite the pandemic – a reflection of the strength of Idahoans and Idaho business owners. The tenacity, commitment and resilience of Idaho businesses continue to be a driving force in Idaho’s growth. Idaho leads the nation in economic strength, job recovery, growth and business formations. In 2020, Idaho’s GSP grew to $81.8 billion, with total estimated employment of 868,215 – significant growth from previous years. That growth continued into 2021 with a GSP of $90.7 billion and a total estimated employment of 895,000. So how has Idaho continued this economic growth, through a pandemic? SET RECORDS IN 2022