Civil Municipal - Oct 2023

274 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 10 how we monitor the gates, and the badging systems we use to open and close doors. All of these things are key to safety.” Moving forward Harrington suggests that safety and mental health support will continue to be a priority of utmost importance, along with presenting the bond proposal to the community. As a final thought, he adds, “A lot of people are probably talking about COVID learning loss, I have to be honest, we’ve already tackled that. We’ve got our numbers back where they were. We’re quite proud that we kept teaching, we never gave up. Our recovery has been quicker than many, and we feel really good about that.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Hurst Conference Center n Tarrant County College Tarrant County College is a comprehensive two-year college with multiple campuses. TCC offers a wide range of opportunities that include traditional and skilled trade programs, workforce development, and professional continuing education. In Weekend College, students can complete a degree in 18 months or less by attending class weekends and online. n Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP Linebarger is a national law firm focused on collecting delinquent government receivables for over 47 years. Linebarger offers customized collection solutions to 2,500-plus clients. We turn delinquent accounts into reliable revenue streams, allowing clients to focus resources on public programs, while avoiding tax increases and potential cuts to public services.