Civil Municipal - Oct 2023

254 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 10 PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Applied Innovation At Applied Innovation, we have over 35 years of technology expertise, 500+ team members, world- class brand partners, and a passion you’ll rarely find in a business like ours. Plus, as  an independent dealer, we have the autonomy to always do what’s right for you. Whether your goal is adopting new technologies, making smarter use of the tools you already use,  or maybe a mix of both, our people are always available. And always happy to help. n Gibraltor Designs n Sharp School Services Inc. Since 1989, Sharp School Services, Inc. has become a valued and trusted resource for educational furniture and equipment throughout the state of Indiana.  Focused on quality furniture that become classroom tools and enhance the delivery of curriculum.  Our professional team efficiently manages projects of every scale with a personal and collaborative approach. n Lazzaro Companies Inc. n Trout Glass & Mirror, Inc. n Circle R Electric Inc. n Merritt Painting and Decorating Inc.